Bula; Fijian origins, a blessing of health and happiness, a celebration of life and creativity.

At Bula Media House we strive to creatively capture and celebrate life through photography, videography, and aerial work. We have dedicated our lives to this fine art and our down-to-earth personalities and easygoing approach helps create an atmosphere for magic to naturally happen. Everything boils down to collaboration, and our goal for each of our clients is to produce fresh content that will stand out for years to come.  We’re all about good vibes and taking our content to new heights...we're confident you won’t meet many people in this industry as passionate and fun to work with as us! We encourage you to research and compare our work to the competition. If our work has captured your attention and any of this resonates with you, please take a minute and reach out with any questions or inquiries! And always remember...perfection is not just about control…it’s also about letting go. Now relax, we got this :)

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Bula Media House is based in North Jersey with ambassadors in NYC, South Florida, Southern California, and North Carolina. Not located in those areas? We love to travel and you can bet we’ll go out of our way to hook you up!

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